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Businesses often find it difficult to be certain what's the right message, the right audience, the right place, and the right time to communicate, and feel like an unknown portion of their marketing spend is wasted. We develop communication strategy that results in a clear message architecture based on audience segments and their need states, so that any and all communication activity works in the same direction, and budgets are used more efficiently.


Our services for organisations seeking growth

B2B Sales Activation

Applying the best B2C practices of brand storytelling and message architecture to sales processes and materials.

Communication Strategy

Defining the message architecture and timeline to reach the right audiences with precision.

New Product & Service Launch

Developing the communication strategy for effectively introducing a new value proposition to the market.


Translating the brand into effective sales approaches

01 Definition

Defining marketing goals and requirements within the business strategy. Analysing and segmenting target audiences in order to improve targeting precision

02 Direction

Determining the best communication territories within the category. Formulating the message architecture, taking into consideration different segments and need states as well as timeline and channel specifics.

03 Solutions & briefings

Creating required sales materials or briefings, and supporting partner agencies executing communication campaigns.


Through our extensive partner network, we connect our strategic plans to any required execution

Campaign strategy
Challenge Reviving a key product category

IKEA came to us with a clear problem: how to use the potential of the storage solutions category (wardrobes, shelves, boxes) and develop the base for upcoming sales campaigns.

Solution Reframing the value proposition

Campaign strategy, customer experience insights and creative concepts, all in one 5 hour strategic sprint session, together with the local IKEA management. The resulting campaign introduced an all new value proposition - expanding people’s homes. After all, spaciousness is subjective - in real life, we perceive spaciousness not by the measurable amount of square metres, but by how cluttered a place feels. Which means that storage solutions make the difference between feeling boxed in - and feeling at home. Why sell a nicely cleaned up flat, if you can sell a more spacious one?


The campaign outperformed their previous efforts, as our co-operation with the brand continues to further campaign planning.

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