Clarifying and actualising business value

Businesses often fail to make their value proposition understandable and noticeable for potential customers. We build clear and relevant value narratives for products and services as well as corporate brands, and turn them into action plans that give guidelines to the entire organisation.


Making brands grow beyond marketing


A brand becomes relevant when it presents real value to people. We help companies stand out with powerful value propositions and brand stories that resonate.


A brand is the unifying principle that defines what an organisation does and, as importantly, does not do. We create guidelines for the brand to shape the entire organisation, from the top floor to the front line.


A brand doesn't just exist in advertising, but needs to transform its values and promises into tangible experiences. We combine disciplines to create the proof points that make a brand come true.


From business needs to action planning

01 Intel

Contextual analysis to define business challenges, goals, requirements, and audiences.

02 Direction

Shaping the unified strategic direction and value proposition.

03 Planning

Defining what the brand means for different departments, disciplines, and initiatives.


Focused investments into brand equity

Employer branding

We build employer value propositions for talent attraction, growth and retention, so the brand is the same to the outside and the inside.

Naming & Visual Identity

We develop naming and brand identity with the business strategy and brand story at the core, so they contribute to greater clarity and relevance.

Brand Storytelling

We build brand stories that make a value proposition clear, so the mission can be understood and shared throughout the organisation.


To each new project, we bring our experience of working for more than 200 brands across the globe

Global positioning & relaunch
Challenge Repositioning a transport app as a global mobility service.

We had to define the value Trafi brings to its users, partners and municipalities, from Jakarta to Rio de Janeiro.

Solution From a mobile timetable, to a mobility platform that enables people to own their city.

The category is saturated by apps that only reflect current timetables and routes. Trafi differentiates by transforming entire cities and making all their transport options work as one: It’s no longer station-to-station, it’s door-to-door.


Experience a new kind of mobility -

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Employer brand strategy
Challenge Planning employer value across stakeholders, departments and countries

SEB Global Services runs on the two highly sought-after HR resources: IT and financial talent. We worked across different stakeholder groups, departments and offices to create a framework that helps all parties achieve their employee attraction and retention goals.

Solutions Employee development programme

Employees, their personal experience, reputation and work create a potent impression on potential applicants – our task was to help the organisation turn their specialists into experts who are noticed by the outside world.

Employer brand communication plan

We translated the employer value proposition into a digital content framework for new talent attraction.

Former employee retention project

The market dynamics and migration among younger specialists is extremely high – this requires a unique approach to how organisation manages contacts and invites former employees back.

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Brand strategy
Challenge Making a legacy technology relevant again

Satellite TV is under increasing pressure from IPTV and online content providers: while the tech advantages versus cable have disappeared in the Internet age; the running costs have not.

Solution Taking a stand against traditional TV and tapping into people’s everyday frustrations

Viasat is everything you love about TV – minus the things you hate. We revamped the brand platform from the ground up - by focusing on creating new differentiation and uniting communication with sales.


The business has undergone a turnaround, sustaining profitability and planning further expansion. So has the communication - for the first time, the brand is producing award winning advertising.

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