To get brands to both make the right promises and deliver on them, we provide services ranging from Brand Strategy and Experience Design to crafting Campaign Strategy together with Creative Concepts, advising on Product & Service Development, and running Innovation Workshops. Sometimes we are also called on to do Trend Research, Brand Research or to perform Brand Auditing separately.


CX framework

We think of brands as the sum of customer experiences they create.

The process begins with mapping consumer experiences, evaluating and defining the highest and lowest points, uncovering potential touchpoints. As the overall customer experiene strategy is born, we proceed to aligning organizational capabilities with the CX strategy.

Trend forecasting

Trend research is not an exercise about the future – it is the process of understanding opportunities.

It starts with grouping innovations and emerging phenomena under related categories and deriving the principles that are driving change. This becomes the basis for product, brand and communication innovation.

Semiotics & ethnography

We tend to forget that consumers are first and foremost people. And just sometimes, they are consumers.

Semiotics help understand cultural texts and codes, and ethnography offers direct findings from everyday interactions. The combination of both helps to navigate the complex reality of consumption and discover fresh and powerful consumer insights.

Monitoring & optimisation

A good strategy is not finished when it’s written.

Combining data and insights about changes in the market, we offer quarterly or bi-annual reviews and adjustments.