Emerging hotel experience trends


Who could have thought that the romance of traveling will be replaced with hatred for inefficient airports and beige-colored hotels? As the world is rapidly changing and more people have frequent traveler status, their need for flexibility can not go unnoticed.

Think of traveling now - the reasons behind it, the touchpoints, the travellers themselves. Some insights are way less obvious than one could imagine.

The hospitality industry is driven by ever-changing expectations. And for the time being, the discussion is based on reinventing the premium, redefining the local and making the experience more personal than ever before.

Trend clusters:

01 Connected Hotels

With the expansion of the IoT capabilities and mobile-first customers, hotels are striving to adapt to what’s important now. Unlimited personalisation, next-gen room service and even Jetsons-inspired robotic helpers: the present seems to be catching up with the future.

02 From Personal to Public

As business trips are getting shorter and weekend getaways are millennials' preferred way to escape, the keyword for hotel services in 2018 should be "local experience". There’s no wonder why the most progressive hotels in the world are also local community centres worth visiting whenever you're in town.

03 Practical Luxury

Luxury becomes leaner and more practical as business travelers are looking for flexible options with a youthful touch. With a slightly more expensive backpack and being online 24/7, these urban dwellers feel the need to explore, communicate and bring back stories from wherever life takes them. And a new twist on city-centre hostels is what the premium is all about.

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