Brand Guide 2017


About the Brand Guide

Trends are important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they introduce new ways to create and communicate value. Secondly, they shape our expectations and even worldview. Ignoring trends is staying blind to opportunities that in the long term become strategic problems that prove to be much more difficult to solve. But there are a couple of barriers that we must be aware of before diving into the fascinating world of change.

We made this report to provide a focused and grounded overview on the most important major shifts which will determine the role that brands and companies will play in our lives in the upcoming years.

Looking back and around

Trends solve problems or fulfil explicit or implicit human needs. Big events, long-term shifts and any societal factors result in trends gaining momentum, becoming mainstream or

resurfacing in a different form.

In this report, we started from taking a look around us: what moved, shocked, and made the world proud. That’s why we compiled events which shaped the state of today and got a clear vision of where we are and where we might be heading next.

Becoming human, finding solutions and gaining trust

Clashes of fake and true, daily challenges to power structures and a general state of uncertainty – that is your daily news programme in a nutshell. Since disruption has become the new norm, providing shelter means providing real value.

Trends bring most value when they correspond to the context that fuels them. In our report, we explain how trends address actual needs to humanise both product and communication, how daily insights are turned into tangible solutions, and why building trust is more important than ever.

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