Brand effectiveness
comes down to three decisions.
the best your
brand can be?
Every brand is a story to tell. Sometimes, this story is hidden behind buzzwords, nebulous mission statements, and interchangeable values.

In order to tell a compelling story, a company needs to define what it can really stand for, and what this will mean for its actions. Both to the outside, and the inside.
What can you
do to make
it work?
Turning a brand story into truth the audience can feel, see, experience and share is a challenge that involves the entire organization.

To deliver real value that affirms the brand’s story, and to be ready for future developments and trends, the organization has to evolve around the brand. Not vice versa.
The third decision?
Whom to trust
with 1 & 2.
We founded Be&Do to help brands find their best possible promise, and show businesses how to be make it come true.
Andrius Grigorjevas
Partner, Strategy & Research
Gediminas Užkuraitis
Partner, Strategy & Concepts
Rene Fischer
Partner, Strategy & Consulting
Andrius Grigorjevas
Partner, Strategy & Research

A strategist with a unique blend of knowledge in semiotics, international brand and consumer research methodologies, and trend forecasting.

Having started as a researcher for international brands spanning more than ten markets across the globe, he later worked with strategic projects across the Baltic States and headed interdisciplinary strategic teams.

Andrius is a lecturer at Vilnius University, the advertising school "The Atomic Garden Vilnius", KOG institute of marketing and communication, and a guest lecturer at Tartu University.

Gediminas Užkuraitis
Partner, Strategy & Concepts

A creative with business prowess, or a strategist with creative expertise? He is both, and they go well together:

Previously working for classic agencies, brand strategy consultancies and startups as a creative strategist (or a strategic creative?), he reached industry acclaim, including a Golden Euro EFFIE.

Gediminas is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and the international advertising school “The Atomic Garden", where he now lectures in both creative and strategy courses.

Rene Fischer
Partner, Strategy & Consulting

In marketing communications since age 15, he has always been between creative and strategic roles, uniting the disciplines.

Lived and worked in 20+ countries as a Creative Director, Strategist, entrepreneur, as well as consultant. His clients feature any industry imaginable, and stretch from local champions to large multinationals.

Rene is a regular lecturer at industry events as well as the Institute of Design in Hamburg, and runs innovation and brand workshops for companies around the globe.


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